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Emu Oil

Emu Oil For Body Piercing Aftercare Aid

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Emu oil relieves the sting from needlework and piercing. It reduces the inflammation and redness of the area. Emu oil aids the skin in healing faster than any other topical ointment, and it does it naturally with no petroleum products. It helps prevent itching, scabbing, and oozing. Emu oil is deep penetrating, anti-inflammatory, non-irritating, highly moisturizing, an all-natural nutritional supplement for your skin. It is hypo-allergenic, giving it a low potential for irritating the skin. It contains essential fatty acids required by the body. The topical application of emu oil delivers these nutrients deep into the skin to support healthy cell growth. Emu Oil is an excellent emulsifier and does not leave the skin feeling oily or greasy. Pure emu oil soothes the skin after the piercing. Burning and itching are instantly soothed. Healing takes place more rapidly because Emu oil has healing properties, does not cover the skin with a petroleum-type air barrier and doesn’t clog pores. It allows the skin to breathe and heal.


Apply only a few drops at a time to cover the area and massage in. Re-apply 2-3 times daily for a new piercing. Fully refined emu oil has no chemicals, dyes, perfumes, or other additives. It is a 100% natural, bio-degradable product that is safe for any topical application.

About Emu Oil

The Ratite Encyclopedia states, “Traditional therapeutic qualities of emu oil are evident throughout Australia, although the actual original discovery of the oil’s qualities is locked in the oral history of the aboriginal people, extending back thousands of years. Oral history indicated that emu oil was used by the aborigines for the treatment of arthritic pain, inflamed joints, muscle aches, and burns.” Studies show that over 70% of the fatty acids in emu oil are of the unsaturated variety. These polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats tend to lower blood cholesterol. Emu oil has also been documented to contain Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. The unsaturated fatty acids in emu oil are high in linoleic acids, an acid known to temporarily ease joint pain. Other essential fatty acids in emu oil include oleic acid which has an anti-inflammatory effect on dermal tissue, an anti-degenerative effect on skin cells, and a natural absorption ability to treatments.

So Many Uses
Excerpts from an article by Moira K. Wiley Emu Today and Tomorrow – Oct. 2001

Studies on Emu Oil

Despite the fact that it is an oil, emu oil has been shown in tests to be a non-pore-clogging substance. In a 2 week study of arthritis sufferers, 7 out of 12 emu oil users reported a significant reduction in pain, morning stiffness, and swelling. A Boston University study found a 20% increase in growth activity of the skin in a two-week study of mice. They also found an enhancement in the growth activity of the hair follicles. Another study with elderly women showed in one month’s usage of emu oil daily, the skin wall thickened by 14%. By having thicker, healthier skin, the opportunity for bruising lessened. Age spots also tended to fade, and in some cases, completely disappeared. An Australian study followed 500 people over a 10 year period and noted that there had never been any allergic reactions from emu oil reported.
Other results from this study are summarized in the following areas:

Skin Eczema – reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin.

Keloids – significantly reduce recent keloid scarring

Burns – appears to promote faster healing with less pain and scarring

Skin grafting – reduced pain and less scarring

Psoriasis – limited benefit in some patients

Joint pain – reduced pain, swelling, and stiffness most evident where the joint is close to the skin surface, such as hands, feet, knees, and elbows.

Bruising and muscle pain – a significant benefit to recent bruising and muscle pain where an injury is relatively superficial. Significant reduction in sports-related muscle strains post-exercise emu oil massage.

Recent Epithelialized wounds – reduced scar tissue formation, soothing of wounds after surgery by anti-inflammatory action.

A nine-month study of 10 burn patients at a burn center in Texas showed that patient comments almost unanimously favored emu oil as an end result and during application. There was also a unanimous difference noted in photographs taken of the wounds as far as reduction in scarring and inflammation in control areas treated with emu oil.

Many chiropractors and physical therapists are using emu oil in their practices. Relief is quicker and muscles stay relaxed longer, therefore treatments last longer.

Emus and the scientific community:

Physicians and dermatologists are discovering the benefits of emu oil.

Dr. Dan Dean, of Shepard, Mich., routinely recommends emu oil to his patients at risk of skin sores and ulcerations, (diabetics, convalescents, and patients with poor circulation). He notes that with a typical third-degree burn or skin abrasions, emu oil cuts healing time by almost half.

A doctor who specializes in dermatologic cosmetic surgery in Houston uses emu oil on her worst cases – serious burns, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, etc. She has been extremely pleased with the results. She admits she was at first skeptical about the benefits of emu oil. Her treatments embrace acute skincare problems, including burns, skin disease, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, as well as anti-aging and general skin improvement treatments. Her patients tell her the oil brings immediate relief, speeds healing, and keeps skin from scarring.

Dr. Thom Leahey of the Arthritis Clinic in Ardmore, Okla., has been studying emu oils anti-inflammatory properties. A two-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of arthritis patients revealed that seven of the 12 emu oil users reported a significant reduction of pain, morning stiffness, and swelling vs. one of the eight placebo users.

Dr. Elton J. Lormand, who has conducted research at the Advanced ENT and Facial Surgery Institute in Cullman, Ala., has seen the difference in patients using emu oil and in those who don’t. After viewing the contrast in the skin condition between the two groups, he advised researchers to take a closer look at emu oil. He has seen patients apply emu oil prior to radiation treatment and even ingest it to cover the mucosal surfaces during head and neck radiation treatments. While the doctor gave them no specific instructions and would not recommend ingestion due to lack of research, he commented on the apparent lessening of radiation burns, even to the mucosal surfaces.

Scientists at Boston University Medical Center and Auburn University have concluded that emu oil‘s anti-inflammatory properties relieve pain in some forms of arthritis and lupus, as well as muscle and joint stiffness.

Dr. John Griswold, of the Harner Burn Center in Lubbock, Texas, believes that emu oil may revolutionize the treatment of burn victims because of the oil’s ability to generate new skin cells quickly. His long-term study also found a statistically significant difference in scar reduction and inflammation in emu oil treated wounds.

Dr. William Code, in his initial research combining emu oil, spearmint oil, and lidocaine, found that the mixture produced a reduction in sensation to the skin, which surpassed another combination of local anesthetics without emu oil. The emu oil compound proved to reduce sensitivity in a safe and effective way for procedures such as suturing or giving injections.

Julie Brumlik is the co-owner of a patent on emu oil and Lidocaine, which she invented along with Dr. Dan Rivlin, head of dermatopathology at Miami’s Mt. Sinai Hospital and a professor at the University of Miami Medical School. They invented and patented the product a couple of years ago, and it is in line for FDA approval as a compound. Chronic pain management specialists are excited about this research. Peer review papers have been published by the Society of American Oil Chemists. The effect of the compound lasts approximately 20 minutes. The patient maintains consciousness but temporarily loses sensation where the mixture is applied. It is the only penetrating topical anesthesia that will work anywhere on the body, including gingival membranes. It also can be used on sunburn or sore muscles.

Dr. Thomas Samaras, a physician in Virginia Beach, Va., is impressed with the efficacy of pure emu oil for the treatment of arthritis and eczema. His own son suffered for two years from eczema behind his knees. Applying emu oil regularly to the area cleared up the condition within 10 days. Dr. Samaras has also seen significant improvement in a patient with degenerative arthritis and chronic torticollis (constant neck muscle spasms) by using emu oil on the neck. “I expect that emu oil will continue to play an important role in my therapeutic armamentarium in the future,” Dr. Samaras said.

Dr. Mary Bean, a dentist in Lutherville, Md., said, “I’ve practiced dentistry since 1979 and developed CTS about six years ago from repetitive motion and the constant restriction of wearing gloves 40-plus hours a week. I had carpal tunnel surgery in 2000 on both hands and was back in my office for light duties the day after suture removal. I applied emu oil to the incision sites twice daily, and they are now minimally visible. Having a fantastic surgeon was very important, but I believe the emu oil hastened the healing and minimized scarring. Now symptom-free, I use emu oil to keep my hands moisturized and my skin healthy.”

Linda Barrett, a registered nurse, had a basal cell carcinoma removed from the perioral area between the base of her nose and her upper lip. “My husband, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, performed the excisional biopsy. I had to keep the area covered for a week until the stitches were removed. Thereafter, I kept it moist with emu oil. My primary goal was to keep it moist for the duration of work, and I knew the emu oil would do that; however, the major secondary gain from the use of the emu oil was the rapid healing of the site. The continued use of emu oil seems to have accelerated the resolution of scar tissue. Neither the line of incision nor the suture area is visible.”

Dr. Marlin Dimond, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon in Glendale, AZ, has seen firsthand the healing abilities of emu oil on a double mastectomy patient that used emu oil on her incisions. Because she healed so quickly with minimal scarring, it put her 3-to 4 weeks ahead of schedule for reconstruction. The patient claimed she could not have survived the by-weekly injections to fill in her extenders to stretch the skin in preparation for permanent implants without the aid of emu oil to keep her skin elastic and moist.

Dr. Scott Wasserman of Scottsdale, AZ practices natural alternatives to traditional medicines. He uses and believes in the benefits of emu oil. Emu oil is being studied by universities, research centers, and hospitals in the United States and abroad. Its hydrating, regenerative, lubricating, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties make it the logical topic of study for an ever-broadening range of conditions.

Other uses of Emu Oil:

The following are mostly anecdotal uses of emu oil. Your results may vary. We do not make any medical claims about the benefits of using emu oil.

  • moisturizes dry, cracked, itchy skin
  • aids healing skin from rashes and bed sores
  • promotes healthy gum tissue
  • reduces hemorrhoids
  • alleviates sunburn pain
  • helps prevent cold sores and canker sores
  • ease headache and menstrual pain
  • conditions hair and promotes growth
  • sexual lubricant
  • eases teething pains
  • helps get rid of ringworm on pets
  • helps pass fur balls in cats
  • alleviates “hot spots” on animals
  • alleviates sting and itch from insect bites
  • reduces fine lines and stretch marks
  • helps diabetic patients heal faster
  • eases sore, tired feet
  • promotes healthy nails and cuticles
  • loosens muscles prior to work-out
  • helps people with Crone’s disease
  • helps clear up diaper rash
  • Moisturizes dry noses & paws on pets
This information has been taken from Desert Palms Emu Ranch LLC. The statements made within our website have not been evaluated by the FDA. Desert Palms Emu Ranch LLC makes no medical claims expressed or implied.